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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A big Muslim did it and ran away

Tony Blair on the Wikileaks documents concerning the Iraq war:

The number of Iraqi civilians killed since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq – which the WikiLeaks documents said was 15 000 more than the 50 000 previously disclosed – "were, basically, victims of terrorism", Blair told Estado de São Paulo.

"What is important today, whether it is in Iraq or Iran or in other places in the world, is that we have to confront those who commit these acts of terrorism," he said.

.....he dismissed calls in Britain for him to face war crimes charges as coming from "an extremely small group of people".

Well, that "extremely small group of people" (probably rather bigger than Blair's fan club in his home country) is at least willing to confront "those who commit these acts of terrorism". Blair didn't "commit" them directly of course, any more than Osama bin Laden flew a plane on 11 Sep 2001, but like bin Laden he funded, enabled and supported them. He still supports government-sponsored terror in Israel of course, but at least now he only has his own money to throw around they only get words, not guns and bombs, from the Great Pretender.

Blair's epitaph really should be "Be careful what you wish for". He was always on the look-out for highly visible initiatives with which he could be personally linked, and he got one. His frantic attempts to wash his hands of it once he realised that starting wars was neither big nor clever would be funny if this oaf hadn't once been allowed to hold political office in my country.


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