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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Banishing Ignorance

And following right on from American Muslim Mom, let's demolish a few more prevalent myths about Islam. Here is an article 5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam. You'll probably learn something: I did.

Thinking about veils and how the Islamophobes hate them: it's funny how these folk set themselves up as protectors of women's rights as against the wickedly disrespectful Mooslims. Then they post beautifully respectful sentiments such as these.

They claim to be concerned over the plight of persecuted homosexuals in Islamic countries. Then they post homophobic rubbish like this, and blame the "pro-homosexual indoctrination" which will lead to "growing security problems" on the wicked "Muslim-in-Chief". So they actually believe that (a) homosexuality is good in Islamic countries but (b) evil in the USA and should be banned; and (c) that there is a Mooslim plot to promote it in the US armed forces. Yes, not only are they weapon-grade hypocrites, they really are that inbred and cretinous.

They claim to be defending Western civilisation against barbaric Islamic punishments but they post pieces glorifying the murder of a helpless prisoner without any pretence at a trial.

They're no better than the 9/11 killers. And neither are their supporters.