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Friday, November 05, 2010

Uncle Jimmy returns to the ignorant and illiterate Islam-bashing he loves so much

This would be a great anti-Muslim story were it not for the fact that the person complaining isn't a Muslim but a Mr Graham Webb-Lee who is getting sickened by the greay bacon smells being pumped out a few feet from his door. His daughter has an eating disorder and his Muslim friends have stopped visiting. I imagine ALL his friends have stopped visiting! And the useless DM can't even get the name of the TOWN right in the picture caption. Dickheads.

Uncle Jimmy describes the story (linked at the foot of this tedious rant) as "Cafe owner in Stockport ordered to remove extractor fan as smell of frying bacon offends passing Muslims. Yes. That is what is reported here. Soon? No exhaling if you eat bacon? You have been warned. " Passing Muslims? Oh, that would be the non-Muslim guy who lives nest door. Not too hot at this reading business, our Jimmy, is he? (See full dissection, including the several changes of headline, here.

Of course, Jimmy was preoccupied then with cheering Geert Wilders' retrial (about which I have already posted) and with having his usual go at Lauren Booth (see the rant linked above). Oh, well that and spouting psychobabble about how Tony Blair is a modern example of the archetypical Jungian hero, such as Christ and Dionysos. No, really, he does.

A lovely line from his diatribe against Ms Booth:

"And if you accept that you also worship at the altar of the consistent logic that says we were all Romans first, including those of the Egyptian Empire which preceded the Roman Empire by 4000 years."

The idea of a metaphor is obviously beyond his limited capacity. Anyway, wasn't it his "Christ-figure" Tony Blair (as publicly a Catholic as his sster-in-law is a Muslim) who enthused about the Roman artefacts "dating back before Roman times" that he'd been shown by the Israelis? Mind you, as many Israeli politicians believe that the borders of the state of Israel (founded 1948) were divinely decreed by God over four thousand years before it existed, you can see how he would get into the habit of such sloppy thinking.

Jimmy then goes on to quote the Quran as saying that only those apostates and other non-Muslims who actively engage in anti-Muslim hostilities are to be persecuted: all those peacefully inclined, it specifies, are to be left in peace. Jimmy, of course, can't simply see this as "live and let live unless someone is actually trying to kill you" (which is a far more moral stance than that adopted by most Christians down the ages, or indeed today). No, this means that anyone "defending freedom" is at risk of death from crazed Islamoloonies. Well, yes, if their defence of freedom involves calls for the persecution, expulsion, murder or whatever of Muslims, I suppose it does. hard to see how he leaps from that to "if you support the rights of homosexuals the crazies want to behead you". (Jimmy the homophobe need have no worries on that score.)

And on no evidence whatever he claims that Lauren Booth is unaware that there are different sects within Islam (primarily Sunni and Shia, but also many others - about as many as there are kinds of Christianity). Does he also consider her brother-in-law to be "naive and gullible" (which of course he is) and to be unaware that there are differences within Christianity (which of course he isn't) because he converted to Catholicism?


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