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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Something rotten in the body politic

The Phil Woolas affair - why on Earth have so many people like David Milliband been protesting in favour of someone who was found guilty of electoral fraud? Or do they consider it OK for Blairites to make false accusations of support for terrorism? (Oh, wait, Saddam's supposed links to al-Qaeda: yes, I suppose they do.) It's reassuring that so many voters disagree.

Harriet Harman has shown real moral fibre in facing down the baying mob of pro-fraudsters. Perhaps cleansing the Labour Party of the stench of Tony Blair isn't simply going to mean stopping the anti-union, anti-Muslim and anti-Europe policies but will extend to reintroducing the concepts of honesty and integrity he discarded as outdated and, y'know, uncool. That would be a nice Christmas present for us all.


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