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Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Stopped Play

I had hoped to be posting a review tonight of a concert by the Manfreds (supported by Alan Price and Cliff Bennett). However, it was cancelled because of the heavy snow here: apparently the musicians are all stuck in Perth. I managed to get out to go shopping earlier, but it's been snowing hard again since, and right our road doesn't look lile somewhere safe to drive. I'm on a late shift tomorrow, but may have to work from home unless the weather improves.

The gig may be rescheduled, or we may just get our money back. Anyway,here are the Manfreds (these days they don't have Manfred Mann on the organ, but most of the others seem to be around).


At 29 November, 2010 12:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also going to that show at the Usher Hall.... it was a pity that the musicians didn't travel down from Abderdeen earlier because their roadies had got everything set up just after lunch and had done the soundchecks too (so my friend who works at the hall told me when we spoke at 2.20pm)!

Friends who have already seen the show said it's a great night and they enjoyed The Manfreds more than Staus Quo who they saw the previous night!!!

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