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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Modified Rapture

It's good news that one of the USA' s political prisoners has finally had a proper trial. It is excellent news that evidence extracted by torture was not admitted. And it's good for several reasons that he was acquitted of 284 of his Soviet-style list of 285 "crimes". First because it shows that the court wasn't simply there to rubber-stamp the military authorities' assumptions of Muslim villainy; but also because it suggests that the evidence for the one charge on which he was convicted must have been pretty damn solid.

Twenty years sounds a reasonable sentence for conspiring to blow innocent people apart. Forty years might sound even better, and I wouldn't be upset if he got one of those awesome U.S. sentences of "life plus 25 years".

What does concern me is that Ghailani had been told that even if he'd been acquitted of all charges he wouldn't have been freed as long as the USA remains "at war" with al-Qaeda. Has the United States fallen to the standards of places like Burma and Israel, where if you're a political opponent of the regime you are simply re-arrested when you are acquired or have served your sentence?

That Pamela Geller believes that it should stoop to that level in unsurprising. What IS surprising is that her rant was published in the Guardian's Comment Is Free section, the one we're always being told by the wingnuts is a hotbed of Marxism and antisemitism where all dissent is censored. The presence of a piece - not a comment but an actual article - by Geller should nail that lie once and for all.

The comments are fun, though. Especially this link.


At 29 November, 2010 22:21, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

It is disturbing to read news reports here and have people complain about the use of civilian courts and him getting off on all of those accounts. The replies usually are 'well, he still wouldn't be free if aquited of them all'. To me then it's just a show trial, why even bother or is it just to quiet the rest of the world?
Bunch of crap. If he's not guilty then let him go. If he is so bad then shoot him when he fights back during his arrest. Guilt before trial.


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