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Friday, November 05, 2010

Views from Morrone

A couple of pictures taken last month (21 October) when Hilary and I climbed Morrone (a hill above Braemar: it's a Corbett, ie over 2500 ft but not up to the magic 3000 that would make it a Munro). It was the first time this winter we'd been walking in snow: OK, only a light dusting, but when we stopped for lunch there were snowballs blowing off the radio mast on the summit. The first picture is looking towards Lochnagar (not the familiar side you generally see on postcards and calendars but the corrie on the other side), while the second is looking up into the middle of the Cairngorms, with Cairn Toul on the left(and Cairngorm itself behind the cloud on the right).


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