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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blair's Ego, and BlairSupporter's Evil

I have to thank BlairSupporter, aka Uncle Jimmy, for drawing my attention to a passage in George W Bush's memoirs where he quotes Tony Blair as saying (with regard to his appointment as Quartet representative in Israel/Palestine “If I win the Nobel peace prize, you’ll know I have failed.”

As Jimmy says, it's difficult to view this in any way other than as a description of Nobel Peace Laureates as failures.

Failures, Mr Blair?

Aung Sung Suu Kyi?
Nelson Mandela?
John Hume and David Trimble?
Albert Schweitzer?
Mikhail Gorbachev?
Martin Luther King?
Amnesty International?

If only Blair had achieved a tenth as much as any of those "failures", or taken a hundredth of the risks they ran, he might be almost worthy to lick Saddam Hussein's asshole. If only.

In the same post, meanwhile, Uncle Jimmy describes Bush's authorisation of the torture of innocent men, and his plans to invade yet more neutral countries, as "you know, all that doing his job stuff". Damn all those other US Presidents who left countries alone if they posed no threat, and who believed that torture was a deeply un-American activity. Communists, all of 'em, if not Muslims. Hell's teeth, the man criticises his beloved Tony Blair for being insufficiently anti-Muslim and for describing Geert Wilders, Uncle Jimmy's favourite Euronazi, as a racist. Blair doesn't witter on about "jihad" or criticise mythical plans for a universal caliphate, and thus to Jimmy is hopelessly out of touch with the reality of Islam, as set out on balanced, objective websites run by the Catholic Church and far-right American racists.

All of which goes to show that while Blair may be a pointless waste of DNA, a corrupt and greedy egotist who learned nothing at all from his time as a drain on the public purse, he is merely a deluded coward: unlike his supposed supporter who loses no opportunity to spread lies and hatred , not because he is stupid but because he is evil. If he had any integrity he would rename his ridiculous website "Install Geert Wilders as Military Dictator".


At 14 November, 2010 13:34, Anonymous Uncle Jimmy said...

Moi? Evil? I thought it was only 'my hero' who was that!

You're rather rude, you know, at times, Rob. And yet, like many dishonest people, you're most polite when you comment at my blog.

I'll paste my latest post in here, just in case the more enlightened of your readers are interested in REAL heroism.


At 15 November, 2010 00:23, Blogger Rob said...

Ah, Jimmy, Jimmy: re-read my last paragraph and you will see exactly why I think you deserve the adjective more than your hero.

As for my 'dishonesty', you will have noted that when Tony Blair did something right (giving the proceeds of his book to charity) I gave him credit for it. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and sometimes on your blog even you post things I agree with, or at least only disagree to a limited extent.

You wil have noticed that i am profoundly out of sympathy with the basically racist, anti-democratic and Islamophobic tenor of your blog. When you reprinted a piece claiming that Muslims practoised human sacrifice and cannibalism, and then protested that you weren't opposed to all Muslims but supported moderate ones, I asked you which moderate cannibals and non-extreme human sacrificers you had found to support. Whereupon you told me I was no longer welcome to comment on your blog. Since then I have restricted my puncturing of your falsehoods, my sniping at your lack of logic and my railing against your support for fascists to my own blog, where I can say what I like without your being obliged to read it, let alone have it glaring out of your comment stream. I have assumed, so far correctly, that where I have less negative comments to make you are willing for me to do so on your blog. You may not take criticicm kindly but you seem not to require fawning adoration. But I really don't care one way or the other. I don't even care if you think I'm dishonest or a hypocrite: your admiration for Blair suggests that you consider dishonesty and hypocrisy as badges of honour.

At 15 November, 2010 15:46, Anonymous Stan said...

I have my differences with BlairSupporter on this issue, Rob, but I find that "principled" guys like you go much too much the other way by not standing up to the threat from Muslim extremists for fear of upsetting the "Muslim community" and your left-wing colleagues.

At 15 November, 2010 21:44, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Wow, you and Uncle Jim don't seem to get along very well.

At 16 November, 2010 02:14, Blogger Rob said...

Stan - I don't "stand up to the threat from Muslim extremists" not because of fear of the Muslim community or my left-wing colleagues but precisely because I have not swallowed the line that I'm supposed to be afraid of this mythical "threat". Are there Muslim extremists? Sure. Are they a threat to me or those I care about? No. Is there a massive propaganda machine doing its utmost to invoke terror of the Muslim boogeyman? Undoubtedly. Is Jimmy part of it? Probably. Have you fallen for it? Apparently.

I'm far more concerned by the very real threat from neo-Nazis like Geert Wilders and their adherents such as Jimmy and Pamela Geller; also by the continuing threat to peace not only in the Middle East but in the whole world by the aggressive nuclear-armed theocracy that is present-day Israel.

At 16 November, 2010 15:34, Anonymous Stan said...

Spoken like a true self-centred short-sighted, anti-westener, Rob. If it doesn't immediately affect my own little circle I'm not interested except of course when its the West and the Israelis who are involved.

So New Yorkers, Londoners,Muslims, Christians, etc. etc can be blown to pieces by these fiends but high-minded Rob couldn't give a damn because, as yet, he and his mates haven't been at the receiving end.

I believe that was the attitude of many in this country at the time the Jews were being persecuted in Nazi Germany.

At 17 November, 2010 03:54, Blogger Rob said...

Golly, Stan, I thought people as stupid as you had been evolved out a few million years ago. Let me explain it so that even you might have a chance of getting it into your thick head. I don't have anti-Western attitudes: I live in the West, always have, always will. My friends include Londoners (I lived there for several years) and Christians (I'm one). Most of the blowing to pieces being undertaken in the world is not being done by "these fiends" (by which charmingly revealing phrase I take it you mean Muslims), but people with a racist agenda like yourself are happy to pretend otherwise. I'm more concerned with real threats to my country and civilisation than with imaginary ones. If you want to run around shrieking about creeping Islamisation go ahead, but find a nice padded room to do
It in. Right now the minority being persecuted all across Europe, including Britain, is the Muslim one, and it's precisely because I'm not prepared to sit back and let the Muslim-haters like you launch another Holocaust that I stand up against you. You're not the brave defenders of freedom, moron: you're the ones it needs defending against.

At 17 November, 2010 11:36, Anonymous Stan said...

Sensible debate is about addressing the points being made not just sounding off abusively against those who disagree with you, which is much more in keeping with the Neanderthal tendencies you accuse me of.

With that in mind let me address your points.

Living in the West doesn't necessarily mean you are not anti-West. You know very well that I used that phrase in the sense of being against Western foreign policy, which you obviously are.

No, my phrase "these fiends" was not used to describe Muslims but Muslim EXTREMISTS who go about murdering moderate Muslims and anyone else who does not submit to their medieval demands.

The clearest examples of Muslims being persecuted were the Muslims of Kosovo at the hands of the Serbs, the Muslims of Iraq at the hands of Saddam and the Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan at the hands of the Taliban. In all these case it was the West that came to their defence and people like who were/are prepared to sit back and let the Muslim-haters do their worst.

At 17 November, 2010 13:51, Blogger Rob said...

It's symptomatic of your confused attempts at thought that on the one hand you claim to be against Muslim extremists and then you quote three examples where Muslim extremists were installed and propped up by Britain and the USA. Blair's hatred for Milosevic (reasonable enough in itself) led him to back the KLA terrorists; his hatred for Saddam led him to transform the hitherto secular Iraq into the fundamentalist Muslim state it is today; and it was the USA and UK who funded, armed and installed the Taleban (fully aware of what they were like, but desperate to get rid of the communists). In each case, short-sighted expediency led to the growth of exactly the kind of extremism you supposedly oppose. For that matter, we funded and armed Saddam as an opponent to Iran. So yes, I oppose British and American foreign policy in those areas, because it has patently failed. That doesn't make me "anti-Western", however: in the West we have this thing called democracy, where differences of opinion are permitted - encouraged, even.

You should really decide whether you're going to accuse me of being in thrall to the Muslims or in league with "Muslim-haters". While you're at it, decide whether I'm anti-Western or simply someone who values freedom and plurality over the kind of fascistic monoculture espoused by BlairSupporter et al. You could also decide whether to complain about my "sounding off abusively" or whether to describe me as a "self-centred, short-sighted anti-Westerner" and slyly implying (twice) that I'm an anti-Semite. I was perfectly polite in my first response to you, simply suggesting that you'd been taken in by Muslim-hating propaganda.

Now if you can sort out all those basic contradictions in what you purport to believe, then you can come back and start loftily lecturing the grown-ups on "sensible debate".

At 17 November, 2010 19:15, Anonymous Stan said...

The world according to St Rob:

Question: When do Muslims become terrorists? Answer: Only when they are supported by America and Britain.

Question: When does democracy become unacceptable? Answer: Only when it happens as a result of an anti-west dictator being removed and produces a fundamentalist Muslim state.

Question: When is a fundamentalist Muslim state acceptable? Answer: Only when it sets itself against the West.

The answers to the questions you pose in your second paragraph are (1) both, (2) anti-western foreign policy, and (3) I'm complaining about you sounding off abusively. My comments about you were not abusive but were simply observations of the facts based on what you said in your reply to me and were carefully explained in my reply to you.

At 17 November, 2010 23:21, Blogger Rob said...

As you clearly can't string three questions together without their contradicting each other (so Iraq is both democratic AND a fundamentalist Islamic theocracy? Who knew?) and have trouble with reading and understanding (my remarks about you were likewise based on observation of the facts: you appear to be extremely stupid) I don't propose to waste any more time on you. Go and troll somewhere else.

At 18 November, 2010 11:23, Anonymous Stan said...

I am happy to let others decide who is the stupid one here.

At 18 November, 2010 16:02, Anonymous Liz said...

Certainly. The stupid one is you, Stan.

At 18 November, 2010 18:20, Anonymous Stan said...

I meant SENSIBLE others of course, which obviously excluded your camp followers.

At 19 November, 2010 12:27, Blogger Rob said...

The gospel according to St Stan: I'm happy to let others decide who is the stupid one here, provided they decide it's Rob.

Honestly, Stan, I couldn't make up someone as ridiculous as you if I were trying to make Islamophobes into figures of fun.

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