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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wilders spurns acquittal in favour of retrial

I see Geert Wilders is to have a retrial. Whch is funny really. First the prosecution recommended dropping the original charges: I suppose they considered that when taken in the context of Wilders' overall political message, his comparison of the Koran to Mein Kampf was intended as praise. And of course his proposals to rid the Netherlands of its "filthy" Muslims are to be implemented democratically, as of course was Hitler's similar programme against the Jews. So Wilders would almost certainly have walked free. Still, in an example of poetic justice, the fool's complaint against one of the trial judges for bias (which had already been thrown out) has now mysteriously been upheld, so the whole trial has to be repeated. I'm not sure whether to be more worried by the fact that Wilders evidently has back channels into the judicial process ohat enable him to get decisions overturned if he he doesn't like them, or jubilant that the imbecile has trashed a trial that was presumably about to acquit him in favour of a fresh trial which he might find it harder to rig.


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