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Sunday, October 10, 2010

While we're busting myths about terrorism.....

1) Terrorists in the West Bank

But...but...aren't all terrorists Muslims? You mean the peace-loving civilians in the illegal settlements commit acts of terrorism against Palestinians? Reality alert!

And will this be reported in the British press? A quick Google shows nothing in the Guardian or the Times, nor on the BBC News site (though THAT's hardly surprising)

This didn't get reported either (though I won't go along with the blogger who describes the terrorists as "not human": if they weren't human they couldn't be blamed for their acts. They are. They can. I do.

2) Terror attacks on America

American white supremacist terrorists? But...but....aren't all terrorists Muslims? And Americans all VICTIMS of terrorism? Reality alert!

Of course, there was nothing on that story from the BBC. The Guardian mentioned it, buried in a piece on right-wing militias in the USA.


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