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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Land ahoy!.......I should have said that sooner, shouldn't I?

While I was on holiday and not blogging much, the Royal Navy submarine HMS Astute ran aground on Skye.

When the reporters were telling us all about Astute and how her sonar has a range of over three thousand miles, I did find myself wondering why it couldn't detect Skye (not a small island) until it was in contact with it. Perhaps that's what they meant when they described its technology as ground-breaking.....

Anyway, Astute was refloated, and will soon be joined (at sea, that is, not stuck onshore) by six further Astute class vessels. As vessels in a class normally have similar names, I do hope that one of Astute's sister ships is named HMS Aground.

(Title comes from The Goon Show: Tales of Old Dartmoor)

Update: I knew that Astute had been hauled off the sandbar by a tug to avoid damage to the ultra-sophisticated acoustic tiling on the hull if she simply drove off under her own power. What I didn't realise until today was that she collided with the tug during the operation.

I really would not like to be the Commanding Officer of HMS Astute right now.


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