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Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's OK, I don't think Jimmy has $2m and a sinkful of Thorium

BlairSupporter (aka Uncle Jimmy) is of course a huge fan of Euronazi Geert Wilders. He recently posted two impassioned pieces in support of him, first this one supporting Wilders' doomed attempt to discredit the judge, and then this one moaning about Wilders' failure.

There's a lovely little call to insurrection tucked in at the bottom of the first piece:

PLEASE, lawmakers and lawyers – get a grip, before the public does.

Ooh, gosh, I'm scared of Jimmy and his Fairly Secret Army leading the masses against the wicked government and courts to establish his military dictatorship (perhaps with the sainted Wilders as its Fuhrer).

I might be more scared if Jimmy weren't too craven to give his real name and Wilders didn't come over all shy and retiring when faced with anyone he can't bully.


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