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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Want Gets Eventually

I was overjoyed recently to discover that Sex, Chips and Rock'n'Roll, which is incredibly difficult and/or expensive to get hold of on DVD, is available in its entirety on YouTube here. the series is full of terrific performances, especially from the central pairing of Gillian Kearney and Joseph McFadden. Oh, and it has an amazing 1960s pop soundtrack.

The song which is central to the plot, however, is the Ice Cubes' hit single I Want Doesn't Get, specially written for the series by Mike Moran and Debbie Horsfield. Here is the promotional video of the song (yes, I know, groups didn't make videos in 1965, apart from the Beatles).

(I originally posted a clip from the series itself too but a commenter pointed out that it contained a mega-spoiler so I have removed it. Watch the series!)


At 31 October, 2010 09:49, OpenID rosiewench said...

Fantastic series. But the second clip you've chosen to show there, has a huge spoiler, and gives away something that doesn't come until nearly the end.


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