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Monday, October 11, 2010

Video Fun - All Mixed Up

A few songs I've had running through my head recently. First of all, Sheryl Crow's awesomely funky There Goes The Neighborhood:

Then this blast from my distant childhood:

And this one too:

(Incidentally, while I was looking for that gem via Google I encountered this poem by George Pope Morris, which can certainly hold its own in any "worst poem of all time" contest.

And this week I went to see a local amateur production of Georges Bizet's exquisitely silly opera The Pearl Fishers. (My wife was playing in the orchestra.) The Pearl Fishers has a lot of good music, but its reputation is based on its One Big Tune, a splendid duet for tenor and baritone, sung here by Andrea Bocelli and Bryn Terfel. basically they're singing about how they both fell in love with the same woman years ago but vowed to give her up because their friendship was more important to them. (See the opera to find out how THAT worked out....)

And whenever I read Uncle Jimmy, Geert Wilders or other racist creeps bemoaning the horrors of multiculturalism, I start humming this old Peter, Paul and Mary song to myself. The song has already lasted longer than anyone will remember the Euronazis' hate speech.


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