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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Back In Anger

And of course, while I've been doing all these posts, the clocks have gone back to return us to Greenwich Mean Time.


Why do we have to screw about with the clocks twice a year? Can people who want to get up an hour earlier in the summer not just, you know, set their alarms earlier? Why do we have to waste time, money and energy resetting thousands of clocks? (At least the ones connected to the web switch automatically.)

I took heart from this survey, until I read this article and realised that the change proposed isn't "switching to British Summer Time all year round" (though that may be what those surveyed thought they were voting on) but switching to GMT+0100 in the winter and GMT+0200 in summer. In other words, a wholly cosmetic change leaving the basic lunacy unimproved.

See an earlier rant here.


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