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Friday, October 01, 2010

Ding Dong, the failed NuLabour experiment is dead (perhaps)

Readers of my earlier post here
will know that I voted for Ed Balls as Labour leader. But even though Balls came third, I have the satisfaction of knowing that the contest went right down to fourth preference votes, which means that my fourth prference for Ed Miliband over his brother helped to save the Labour Party from a return to the failed policies of the Blairites. (I was going to say 'and the country' but with David at the helm Labour would never have stood a chance in an election: just think how the Labour vote haemorrhaged during Toe-Nibbler's years in office.) Nobody but the Daily Mail believes Ed Miliband is a leftist, though I'm sure the leaders of Unite, Unison and the other unions which supported him wish he were. I wish I could believe he had the spine to undo the decades of damage that Thatcher, Major and Blair (Huey, Dewey and Louie) did to the unions and the Labour Party, but I can't see him delivering much in the way of reform. Better to have Ed, though, however disappointing he turns out to be, than his torture-supporting brother.

Apparently loser (in every possible sense) David Miniblair is considering retiring from frontline politics. If he does, we'll be able to see if he has truly taken on board the mantle of Tony Blair: if he has, then the instant he no longer has a grand title he'll dump the poor constituents who returned him to Parliament in the expectation that he would work for them, and take up some lucrative consultancies instead. Meanwhile, he can still make asinine comments for the cameras such as his jeering when Harriet Harman applauded Ed's criticism of the Iraq war: "What are you clapping for? You voted for it." Well, David, it's like this. Most normal people, unlike Toe-Nibbler and you, have what are called "morals" (get a grown-up to look it up for you) which means that if they make mistakes they own up to them, then change the way they behave so as not to make the same mistakes again. Amoral self-seekers who are incapable of admitting that they ever make mistakes are unable to do that, which is why they are no use to anyone. And that's why Toe-nibbler was shown the door in 2007, and why you never had a hope of even seeing the door.

I have copied the picture below from Uncle Jimmy's site. Jimmy is busier than at any time since the general election doing down the Labour party and its leader and trying desperately to convince himself - if nobody else - that everything would be peachy if Blair the arch-Thatcherite and the rest of his crypto-Tory crew were still running the country. Which means that mostly his blog doesnlt even rise to the level of ridiculous at present: it's all "Labour are BAD because they didn't elect a Tory as leader and they aren't continuing Blair's failed Tory experiment, so you mustn't vote for them. The leadership election was clearly rigged because all the London constituency parties voted for Miniblair, and who cares about littlies in other places? And the Lib Dems are terrible because they're in a Tory government but they're not Tories. So why not just vote Conservative and do it properly?" (Though actually I think Jimmy's more of a closet UKIP supporter, or even - despite his utterly unconvincing disavowals of racism - a BNP man.) Jimmy clearly believes that the demise of NuLabour is a bad thing (after all, Labour is only tolerable whan it's Tory). I beg to differ, and if there really were a grave for NuLabour I would go and dance on it, pausing in my corybantic glee only to urinate on the headstone in reply to Blair's treatment of trade unions and their members.


At 01 October, 2010 16:46, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Every country seems the same, government yes, no, I love them, I hate them, vote in new ones, give the old ones another chance.
At least we have the option (supposedly) to pick our direction, unlike Korea which seems to hark back to the line of Kings.


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