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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Didn't see that coming

As my department at work has just shed 300 staff members via invitations to take voluntary redundancy, I was a little surprised at last week's announcements of more job cuts, not just in our division but in my department. The overall scale of the cuts caused it to be a national news story: the story in my own department (which is in the first phase of the programme so the prcess starts immediately) is that we will be shrinking from 37 permanent staff to 16. While not known for underselling myself, I have to say the odds aren't great for my surviving the cull, what with my being 55 and still primarily involved in comparatively old-tech systems. When i get back from holiday next Monday I shall be doing the necessary form-filling. Right now I feel I want to carry on in my current job if I can, but if that's not available I'd rather take a package and go than attempt to be redeployed into something completely different. I don't mind change, but in the current climate of harsh performance management trying to pick up a new job is not perhaps the best idea: better to go with a decent redundancy payout than be eased out for poor performance (real or conveniently fictional) in a few years with much less.

We'll find out in January who is in and who is out, and I imagine therefore that from April 2011 I will probably be an early pensioner. Much to think about: certainly if I do leave there are things I could do with my time that could be quite rewarding. No point in worrying, and it's only a surprise because of the timing.

Meanwhile Hilary and I are up at the Ballater flat, where the Internet connection is s-l-o-w. So you'll get a drip-feed of blogging this week, I guess.


At 19 October, 2010 04:07, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Well, ick!

I know that no matter what happens you will come out on top.

Hey, Chip and I used our redundancies to move to Scotland and go back to Uni so you can definitely find something good to do with time!

Keep us posted!

At 19 October, 2010 07:02, Anonymous Phil said...

Hi Rob,

I think you met my wife, who works for Lloyd's, when we met at Clare's blogmeet in Manchester - she's an old TSB hand, which means she's greatly in demand (for now!). But it's the luck of the draw - there are ex-Halifax people at Lloyd's who have gone from being the resident expert to having to learn everything from scratch. If you can afford it, I couldn't blame you for wanting to avoid that.

It's a crazy situation - I know the Blessed Margaret taught us that there are no jobs for life, but who would ever have thought that running the infrastructure of the Bank of Scotland wasn't a job for life?


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