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Friday, October 01, 2010

At least now we know that when the IDF talk about acting with restraint they're referring to the use of plasticuffs as torture tools

The report of the UN Fact-Finding Mission into the attack by Israeli forces on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla should be required reading for all the clowns who continue push the lies that the Israeli troops had a perfect right to board the vessels and that the poor darlings were forced to kill all those wicked terrorists in self-defence. Yes, I'm looking at you, Jane Corbin, BBC propagandist-in-chief for the IDF.

The report also explodes the myth - much peddled by the Israel-right-or-wrong brigade - that the violence on the Mavi Marmara must have been caused by it passengers as the other ships in the convoy were seized peacefully. Certainly the passegers and crews of the other ships offered no resistemce, but that did not protect them from being beaten, having limbs broken, being shot in the face at close range with paintballs, tasered, and later subjected to torture and attempted deprivation of medical attention. Orwell's slogan "War Is Peace: Freedom Is Slavery" springs to mind if this is supposed to be what "peaceful" acts of piracy look like.

Read the report here, and Tony Greenstein's succinct analysis of it here.

An everyday story - sadly - of extrajudicial executions, torture, denial of medical attention, theft and fabrication.

Israel, meanwhile, is refusing to co-operate with the full UN enquiry onto the incident if it calls on Israeli soldiers to give evidence. They've had their fifty minutes of taxpayer-funded advertising on UK television: why would they want any more exposure in circumstances where they're not in total control of what gets reported?

Meanwhile, apparently in a private universe of his own, what was Tony Blair's response to a report recommending prosecution of the Israeli forces for several counts of war crimes? Why, he recommended that the Israeli government be allowed to skim more money off the Palestinians by running tours of Israel's illegally-seized Lebensraum. Sadly for his future earnings, Blair's attempt to divert attention away from the UN Report was largely unsuccessful. Journalists covering the Middle East must have got so used by now to Blair's Zionist rhetoric that not even this demonstration of his dissociation from reality could keep their attention on the deluded loser.


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