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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simile is an anagram of "I Smile"

I have to share this. I'm reading a book: no, not the new Alice Turing - that's next in the queue - but Pratt à Manger by David Nobbs. Nobbs is best-known for the creation of Reggie Perrin (and indeed the original Uncle Jimmy) and for scripting various TV comedy series. Pratt à Manger is the fourth in a series of novels taking us through the life of Henry Pratt. They're not masterpieces in any sense, but they are nicely observed. Like the Reggie Perrin books, they manage to explore some quite dark subject areas without losing their lightness of touch, or their humour (though they aren't generally as funny as the Perrin books).

Anyway, on page 42 there is a marvellous simile. Henry Pratt is a first-time panellist on a TV quiz show, and before filming he is talking to the woman who talent-spotted him for the show. She is insistent that he has to meet a major celebrity on the other side of the room, and he is extremely reluctant and shy.

"Come and talk to Denise. She's longing to meet you"

"That I doubt."

"She is!"

She pulled Henry across the Green Room like an owner dragging a dog that has found a good spot for a crap.

Which conjures up such a vivid and specific picture of reluctance that, as I said, I felt I had to share it.


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