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Saturday, September 04, 2010

On the recent mob killing of the two teenaged boys in Sialkot

You may remember the lynching a couple of weeks ago of two teenaged boys suspected by a mob of being involved with an armed robbery in which a shopkeeper had died.

Not that you'd know about the widespread revulsion throughout Pakistan, calls for the murderers to be hanged, disgust at the police involvement, etc from Uncle Jimmy's post on the matter (lip-smackingly furnished with video footage).

If you read the comments underneath his ppost, Jimmy does at least print one from a Muslim who complains that murder is always un-Islamic but that blaming this kind of atrocity on "Sharia law" is sadly typical of British media. Well, Jimmy not only blames it on "Sharia law" (clearly in his fevered imagination the mob hastily convened a court with an Imam or two, called witnesses and passed sentence) but claims that the mob "killed kids for Allah". But no, of course he doesn't hate Muslims, goodness me no.


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