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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I know it's all part of my English heritage but after a while it just puts me in mind of The Mikado. (Which of course is also part of that heritage.)

This story is the usual guff intended to keep the sheep (i.e.us) in a state of perpetual panic from which only the security forces (i.e. him) can save us. (Oh no! people are being let out of prison when they have served their sentences! If only we had enlightened leaders who locked people up forever without trial!) (Or possibly: since this goon admits his department screwed up over the terror threat in Northern Ireland, part of his own country, just how much time should we waste on his opinions of the threats from Somalia and Yemen? Just asking.)

What really caught my eye, though, was where the speech was delivered: The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals.

I am familiar with plenty of City Livery Companies: the Worshipful Companies of Bakers, Goldsmiths, Plaisterers, Butchers, Clockmakers, Carpenters, Masons, Makers of Playing Cards, etc. which have been around for hundreds of years. I hadn't been keeping up with the more recent additions to their number. Apparently the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals are the 108th, and most recent, livery company. It's all set out here, and interesting reading it makes. I had to smile at some of the more recent additions, though I suppose The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants is no more intrinsically risible than, say, The Worshipful Company of Girdlers. Oh all right then, a little more risible.

I was interested in the possible origin of the expression "at sixes and sevens". It sounds as though the expression may have originated as a dicing reference (as I'd always assumed) but settled on those specific numbers as a result of the Taylors' and Skinners' dispute.


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