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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blair was never the sharpest knife in the drawer but this is imbecilic even for him

Oh, this is brilliant.

Earth to grinning moron: the West Bank is in its 43rd year of a brutal and illegal military occupation (not that the illegality of military occupations ever bothered Blair). Tourism in the West Bank ought to be nothing whatsoever to do with Israel, and for him to involve Israel in it serves only as a shoddy attempt to give the occupation legitimacy. BlairSupporter (Uncle Jimmy) loves it, of course: it's an eye-catching initiative with which his hero is personally associated, it pretends that Israel has rights over the West Bank, AND it fucks over the Palestinians. It is precisely analogous to organising joint tourist operations between Poland and Germany to run tours to Warsaw in 1942. And in the same way that the Germans would have made sure no messy ghettos or extermination camps were on that tour itinerary, we may be certain that the "occupation tourists" won't see anyone being shot by the IDF or by the heavily-armed terrorists who have been "settled" in the West Bank, nor will they see the wanton detruction of Palestinian crops, businesses and homes in the majority of the West Bank which is a closed military zone. Perhaps if Blair was really interested in the Palestinian economy he could address some of those issues: but where's the money in that? Why spend time talking to nobodies in Palestinian villages (some of whom are even - ugh- trade unionists) , when there are photo-opportunities with Richard Branson to be had at luxury hotels? On the one hand, doing the job for which we pay him: on the other, looking as though he is important and relevant. You always know which one Blair will pick.

What next from the failed politico? Perhaps he'll jet off to Lhasa and organise joint Chinese/Tibetan tourist trips to show the world how sweet the Chinese troops are. Or organise trekking holidays in Helmand to show how the local people really love the US and British occupiers.

Then again he could just keep his stupid mouth shut until he has at least a basic schoolboy understanding of the region in which he "works" for us.

For more sensible perspectives on Palestinian tourism, see here, or here.

If Blair really wants people to visit the West Bank in order to improve the lot of the inhabitants, these are the people he should be dealing with. I recommend them.


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