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Sunday, September 19, 2010

An anagram of 'Radical Islam Is World's Greatest Threat' is ' "I Lied: So What?" Screams Littlest Ra-Ra Grad"

Apologies to all those of you who feel that Blair's freedom of speech should be bakanced by a freedom from Blair's speeches for the rest of us. How much airtime is this political retread worth?

Anyway, sacked ex-premier Blair made even more than the usual fool of himself in a BBC interview a couple of weeks ago. The inventor of the "War" on "Terror" is still trying to spread terror among the population in support of a political agenda over which - thank whatever God you choose - he no longer has any influence. According to Blair The Pretty Straight Guy, the greatest threat we face isn't from climate change, increasing global wealth inequality, or rampant nuclear-armed Zionism, but from radical Islam. WTF?

Blair-The-Only-One-Who-Gets-It-Y'Know still can't see that his policy of fucking about with other peoples's governments promotes support for the crazies, or that the puppet regimes he installed in Iraq and Afghanistan (or for that matter Kosovo) have nothing to do with democracy. The man has learned precisely nothing from his time in office. If that's what education at Fettes and Oxford leads to, then I'm glad I went to Stockport and Durham.

And while no doubt we all have skeletons in the cupboard labelled "Student Days" (I have several and and still trying to work out whose bones are whose and what the charred sheep's pelvis is doing in there) I wonder whether Toe-Nibbler's "Journey" stops off at any of these places?


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