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Friday, August 20, 2010

William Wegman: Family Combinations - City Art Centre, Edinburgh

This was a delightful exhibition by the American photographer William Wegman featuring his family of Weimeraner dogs. The photographs are a mixture of naturalistic pictures of the dogs in various locations (perched on a huge bollard at a harbour, or nine sleeping puppies in among a pile of rocks and almost indistiguishable from it) and more contrived pictures with the dogs and various props. Both are delightful, and in both he manages to bring out the different personalities of the dogs to a remarkable extent. There were also videos: I didn't watch all of these but they mostly seemed to involve clothes (creating the illusion of people with dogs' heads). Some were taken when his dogs appeared on Sesame Street though I didn't see those. I found the videos very slightly creepy, but the photographs which formed the bulk of the exhibition were utterly charming.

If you're in Edinburgh, it's on until 24 October and is well worth a visit.


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