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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Victims we know so well

As you would expect fom the BBC, this radio 4 documentary about the Mossad is mostly fairly laudatory. But listen to a former Mossad agent at around 5:25 saying how they felt back in the 60s they could get away with any crimes because all the rest of the world felt sympathy for Israel over the Holocaust and over the attitude of their Arab neighbours. I remember that being exactly the general attitude of people when I was at school and university (so after both the 1967 and 1973 wars). I acted in a student play drawing parallels between the Christmas story and current events, and its sympathies were wholly - and at the time uncontroversially - with the Israelis. (I played a security guard in a courtroom in which my then girlfriend was playing a Palestinian terrorist). At about the same time the IDF mounted the Entebbe raid which gained them huge admiration in Britain. I don't think Irsrael was knocked off its pedestal for the British public (it remains on it for most of our media of course) until Sharon turned a Nelsonian blind eye to the massacre in the Sabra and Chatila camps in Lebanon by his "Christian" allies.

Interesting though to hear that the Mossad deliberately played on the idea of Israel as victim back then, when we knew no better and fell for it.


At 17 March, 2012 18:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a lesson missed by the Palestinians however, for, whilst they are part of the billions strong Arab / Muslim 'brotherhood' with the people, land and resources of entire continents, they've still managed to garner sympathy from the left by playing the underdog.

In the mean time, the 7 million or so Israelis, living on a mere 20,000 square km, surrounded on all sides by nations (including the 'peaceful' palestinians) who's stated, written and chartered aim is to ethnically clense the land of all Jews, have somehow become the aggressor.

I dare say Israel could play it 'softer'. However, if they did, they'd be wiped out in a heartbeat. What better opportunity for the embattled Iranian, Egyptian or Syrian leadership to garner popularity from their people who've been taught in school since infancy that Jews are the devil, than to push the devil into the sea.

Then again, at least at that point, as the ethnically cleansed victims, Israelis would be the underdogs and consequently get your sympathy again. Not sure how much good it would do them though, lying dead with their cities burning.

At 18 March, 2012 01:29, Anonymous Rob said...

Ah, Jewish humour: we love it.

Of course, we love it more when not wrapped up in self-serving lies by a commenter too craven to give his name.

I haven't been keeping score: does the "mere" 20.000 sq km of land on which you say the Israelis are living include only Israel, or the land they have stolen from their neighbours in the course of their endless quest for Lebensraum?

Any time you wish to grow a spine or a sense of morality do feel free to come back.

At 24 May, 2012 19:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read "The Final Judgement" by Michael C Piper... He suggests Mossad was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy....& the CIA chief too James Jesus Angleton who has a statue erected in his memory in Israel.
Why??? He was not Jewish!! The book suggests he was behind it also, & that Kennedy was killed because he did NOT want Israel to get the atom bomb!

At 28 May, 2012 07:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoting Michael C Piper - please review your sources. He appears to prejudge many issues and has an interesting view of history. I could give examples, but look for yourself and cite more relevant sources.

Assassination has als been used by terrorist groups. Political, military, and intelligence personnel are much easier to justify than pregnant women and children.

At 28 May, 2012 14:11, Blogger Rob said...

It's difficult to know who's who with anonymous commenters. I was all set to point out to 24 May commenter that Michael Piper appears to be, how shall I put it, a nutter? A conspiracy theorist who blames everything on the Jews and the CIA? A tinfoil hat wearer?

I'm guessing 28 May commenter takes a simiilar view but is just more polite. Well, hell, it's my blog and I'll call a nutter a nutter.

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