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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sudden Islamophobia Syndrome

An excellent example of Sudden Islamophobia Syndrome.

(Compare and contrast with "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" as promoted by Daniel Pipes, Cinnamon Stillwell, and other Muslim-haters).

And note the desperation with which Pamela Geller tries to blame the attack, bizarrely, on "leftist" supporters of the Park51 Islamic Centre. Because since Muslims are obviously the cause of all crime, if a Muslim appears to be the victim the whole thing must have been faked to make Muslims appear to be the victims, right?

P.S. On the subject of bigoted loonies, while I was in Conservapedia looking up "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" I came across this delight: Examples of Bias in Wikipedia. My personal favourite is #29, though #11, #13, #19, #40 and #46 are all rather sweet in their ignorant-hicksy way.


At 30 August, 2010 16:16, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Perhaps someone should do a report on bias in creating that list of examples


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