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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Renaissance Fair from Hell

I have Phil to thank (if that's the word) for my new obsession. You see, like my kids, I have long been a fan of parody music videos of the Weird Al Yankovic kind, where a song is kitted out with new Mondegreen-type lyrics and then a video is shot to accompany them. This sort of thing:

But what if the lyics weren't a stand-alone parody of the song but instead were a running commentary on the video itself? Here's the one Phil pointed out:

in which I keep finding new things to enjoy.

Of course, in the same way that not every song parody is as good as Weird Al, there are a lot of crappy Literal Video Versions out there. Some have good lyrics but are let down by the poor singing (there's a Strawberry Fields Forever near miss out there, and an almost tolerable I Believe In A Thing Called Love). Some are just, well, crap. SO far I've found one other which I like as much as Bonnie Tyler, if not in fact more. Here it is:

Enjoy. And if you find any more really good ones, let me know.


At 18 August, 2010 11:38, Anonymous Phil said...

"May a moody baby doom a yam?" That video is genius - I quote from it frequently.

WRT the literal versions, I had a similar experience - there's nothing quite like that Total Eclipse video. I thought this was pretty good, though:

You're Beautiful

At 19 August, 2010 22:14, Blogger Rob said...

Indeed. I especially liked the very last line, which described not the video but the literal version of the video.... Not one for repeated watching like Eclipse or Safety though.

Here's the Strawberry Fields whose lyrics are actually very funny but not at all well sung (or indeed subtitled).
I may hereafter always think of that song as being called "Superimpose McCartney", though.

And on a second viewing I feel this one does make the cut.

What larks, eh?

At 19 August, 2010 22:22, Blogger Rob said...

And thirty seconds after posting that comment I find this, which is not only well sung (interestingly by a woman) but shares with Eclipse and Safety Dance the "snorting wine down my nose" effect. (Specifically at the line "Avast! fake bone wall" which is great even if I can't help thinking that "Avast!" is a subtitling error for "A vast"....)

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