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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Message to Mel: just because a site has a name in Hebrew, that doesn't make it a reliable news source

Mad Mel Phillips has totally lost it. In a savaging of David Cameron for his recent statement of the bleeding obvious about Gaza, we have

Cameron did not condemn the flotilla, whose lead ship the Mavi Marmara was run by Turkish-backed terrorists who set out -- according to the evidence from their own mouths -- to commit an act of jihadi terrorist aggression against Israel.

Firstly, only Israel considers the IHH a terrorist organisation. Not Britain, not the USA. (Israel considers it to be a terrorist group because it deals with Hamas. Well strike me down, it has dealings with the elected governments of the places it takes aid to.) And secondly, I must have missed the part where someone from the convoy said they were on the way to "commit an act of jihadi terrorist agression against Israel". After all, they weren't going to Israel but to Gaza. No doubt Mel will be able to produce a citation for us. What? No citation? How odd.

He did not condemn those Turkish-backed terrorists on the Mavi Marmara who attempted to lynch and kidnap the Israeli commandos who boarded the boat and who employed no violence at all until they themselves were set upon.

How is it "kidnapping" when the Israelis boarded them? How is it employing "no violence at all" to shoot flotilla activists from the air before beginning to board? (See here.) Anyway, they made up for it after they were "set upon". The "shotgun-type" bullet sounds like a Glaser Safety Slug: some paintball.....!

But best of all:

He did not condemn the Turkish-backed terrorists on the Mavi Marmara who, I am reliably informed, slit open the stomach of one of those Israeli commandos and pulled out his guts before throwing him into the sea.

So clearly he would be one of the, er ZERO (count 'em!) Israeli commandos killed or seriously injured by the heavily-armed (slingshots! spanners! fire hoses!) "terrorists". Maybe that low casualty rate is because of the attention they received from the passengers.

She follows this extraordinary allegation with the telling remark

I have said it before: Israel is the litmus test of decency in political discourse. Those who attack Israel are invariably on the wrong side of the global fight to defend civilisation against its destroyers.

So the litmus test of decency in political discourse is not having any discourse because Mel has already decided the correct opinion for us all to hold. As she asks of David Cameron, who does she think she is? Mighty Mouse?

Regarding her "reliable information" about the commando, I found the story on the web at a site devoted to the return of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. I then found exactly the same text on a Florida Concealed Carry forum. So far, so nutjob, but according to a credit on one of the sites the story actually originates in this site: Kol Ha Tor - Voice of the Turtledove ( "The Greatest Event that the world has ever seen is now taking shape: The regathering and rebirth of Re-united 12-tribed Israel as foretold 3000 years in advance in the Bible".)

Gosh, I'm glad Mel has such reliable informants to support her crazy slanders. Imagine what a fool she might make of herself if she listened to fruitcakes.

(Incidentally, Mel isn't even content with Kol Ha Tor's lies, but has to add a little on her own account. "Amir" says the commando jumped into the sea to swim to an Israeli boat. But Mel tells us the "Turkish-backed terrorists" threw him into the sea. What's up, Mel? Other people's Zionist bullshit not good enough for you?)

Think of the propaganda coup it would have been for the Israelis if they had been able to produce this chap with a massive abdominal wound. Does anyone seriously imagine that if one of the soldiers had actually been dealt such a massive and vicious injury during the attack the Israeli authorities would have neglected to mention it? After all, they admitted going to the trouble of faking recordings of the activists making antisemitic comments, and of making up stories about their al-Qaeda links. Imagine the use they would have made of a genuine VICTIM! If only he hadn't simply been made up by an End Times nutter.

If only Melanie Phillips had the vaguest notion of what constitutes "reliable information".


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