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Sunday, August 29, 2010

And the man posts pictures of Portland Harbour - what's not to like?

It's not often I have to thank Uncle Jimmy for posting a link to something worthwhile: but thank for this one.

Peter Reynolds' blog looks pretty interesting. At a quick look, I agree with him completely on Israel/Palestine, on the legalisation of drugs, and on Tony Blair's donation to the Royal broitiosh Legion, which are the topics he's posted on most recently. I disagree with him over gun control and over the value of Prince Charles's opinions on architecture. And he lists Uncle Jimmy's blog in his "essential" list: hmmmm.

He posted a brilliant article by Margaret Atwood - he couldn't link to it as it appeared in the Times which is now subscription only. Here's his copy: go and read it (scroll down a little).

Oh, and if the title puzzled you, you've probably forgotten where my parents came from (and where my brother lived until his death earlier this year). A very early childhood memory of mine is of having the USS Nautilus pointed out to me in Portland Harbour: the world's first nuclear submarine had just made landfall after being the first ship to travel under the North Pole. And part of one of the Mulberry harbours used in the D-Day landings is still there.


At 29 August, 2010 16:11, Blogger Peter Reynolds said...

Thanks for the plug Rob.

Uncle Jimmy?

Is this humour (that I'm not quite getting) or are you revealing something about my estimable blogger-in-arms blairsupporter? I'm quite excited!

At 30 August, 2010 10:06, Blogger Rob said...


The former. I christened blairsupporter "Uncle Jimmy" in honour of the character from the Reggie Perrin stories, as they seemed to me to share a vision of a future Britain. It started here. Those who live by the pseudonym shall be mocked by the pseudonym.....

Incdentally I have always harboured a suspicion that BS is an American, whether an expat or simpy blogging from a back room in Florida. So many of his examples come from Fox News (hardly the medium of choice this side of the pond); he's a birther (thinks Obama isn't American), and I've never met a Brit who was one of those; and his views on how "Blair was elected Prime Minister" and how he should be invited back even though he's no longer an MP sound awfully presidential to me. At the risk of having a cherished illusion
(and another running gag) shattered, do YOU know any more about the man behind the handle?

At 11 September, 2010 13:59, Blogger Peter Reynolds said...

No I don't think he's American. There are too many little hints that point to him very definitely being a Brit. I think John Rentoul knows who he is. But I don't think I want to know until he wants to tell me!

At 18 September, 2010 21:31, Blogger Rob said...

Hmm. Hints that he's American, hints that he's a Brit. A sort of Ultramarine Pimpernel, then. Until I am forced to admit that the guy shares a nationality with me, I think I shall carry on assuming he's some kind of Yank. For if he isn't a Yank, he's most certainly a jerk.


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