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Friday, July 16, 2010

Though I suppose the thought of Blair on the loose is also pretty scary

Uncle Jimmy bemoaning the lack of sycophantic coverage of Blair''s award of the Golden Gaschamber or whatever it was in freedom-loving Kosovo:

As for the Sundays – have any of them covered several pages with the Nine Toniblers? You jest. What a daft question. They’re all too busy reporting on the man who shot his former girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend, tied up the police and press and broadcasting outlets for at least a week, and then killed himself.

Because finding a serial killer who has been terrorising a whole county (and killing WHITE BRITISH people!) for a week is hardly newsworthy beside the parading of a bunch of kids supposedly named after Blair, is it? (Toniblers? That stunt must have been dreamed up by a foot fetishist.)


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