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Friday, July 23, 2010

Taking out the trash

I was searching Uncle Jimmy's blog for a quote on human rights when I came across this piece which I hadn't spotted before. As a piece of racist filth it takes some beating. Apologies, but this one isn't funny at all, even in a point-and-laugh way.

I used to work with a young lady called Asmat Saddiqui (not sure how she spelled it). I once asked her where her family came from and she replied without hesitation "East Kilbride". Which put me firmly in my place and taught me a lesson I have not forgotten.

For Jimmy, however, Haroon Siddique's "ancestral family" must come from somewhere else. Well I have news for Jimmy, the anonymous Yank who claims that his own ancestral home is BRITAIN. First of all, "Britain" didn't exist until the 17th century: elsewhere he has claimed to be a Scot so you'd think (if he wasn't lying through his teeth) he might know that. If he's Scottish, is he of Celtic, Pictish, Irish or Norse descent? Perhaps he's descended from the Romans (after all, it is said that the British habit of wearing socks with sandals comes from Roman soldiers' cold-climate practise). There are quite a few Scots with French ancestry too. I'm English, and on my father's mother's side can trace my lineage back in one specific place for hundreds of years. Yet I have a French privateer among my ancestors as well as a German immigrant. And as for the Queen, bloody hell: more "British" blood from her Scottish Mum than her royal Dad. So what exactly is Jimmy demonstrating to us except racism of the most open kind? "I know I have no racial prejudices" he says. If he really believes that then the man belongs in an institution.

The quote I was originally looking for was from this post, where he says (regarding an article by Peter Oborne on the judicial enquiry into the cover-up of British involvement in torture)

"Oborne – do you really think that even the Daily Maul readers are bothered about torture against murderous, torturing Islamist terrorists?"

Which he combines with

"And some of us think it’s about time the Human Rights Act applied to human behaviour only."

So there we are. If your name is Siddique you must be "foreign". If you're a Muslim (bear in mind that the people whose torture is being investigated had never been tried, far less convicted of any offence) you're a terrorist, and if you're a "terrorist" you're not human (so break out the Zyklon B and cleanse this infestation, boys).

Jimmy claims to be better than the BNP because they're racists. Breaking news: the BNP are a hundred times better than this piece of Blair-Supporting (poor Blair, and I don't often say that) shit, because at least they're honest about their attitudes.

Unlike Jimmy who obsesses about it, I have no strong opinion as to what should happen to Tony Blair. As far as Jimmy goes, though, were it not for the fact that he's too cowardly to blog under his own name I would take some pleasure in discovering that he'd been found dead somewhere. Murder, suicide, illness, accident: whatever. I would just like the vile scumbag recycled with the rest of the trash. If only Dexter Morgan were real......


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