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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tabloid lies about mountains and Muslims

Following on from the "blacked out swimming-pool" non-story, here (courtesy of Tabloid Watch) is another case of the press inventing news when they can't be bothered doing that boring reporting stuff. And of course its the Muslims who are being demonised (again).

If you read to the end of the post you will see that when the MCB report was first published the Daily Express said it called for all children to be "taught in Taliban-style conditions". Yes, really.

It's not of course only Muslims who suffer from tabloid distortions. Take this story, which is about the resurfacing of part of one of the paths up Snowdon.

When considering how this irresponsible act will encourage unprepared folk onto the mountain and lead to accidents, bear in mind that it is possible to reach the top of Snowdon in a train.

You could also consider that the Daily Mail believes Snowdon (1085m) to be the second highest mountain in the UK. It's actually the fifty-seventh highest mountain in the UK, with the first fifty-six all in Scotland. Here is a picture of the real number two, Ben Macdui.

None of which stopped the always reliably fatuous Janet Street-Porter from stiking her uninformed oar in.


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