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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A political has-been gets rewarded by terrorists, to some folks' delight.

So what's Uncle Jimmy been up to while I was away? I had a few things lined up to post about his twaddle before I went on holiday, and I'll get round to them in a while. But since I've been gone he has partly been concentrating on Tony Blair's new book, and why its title has changed from The Journey to A Journey. Most of us are too busy concentrating on avoiding the bloody thing to care what it's called, though I suppose a further change to A Junket would be an improvement given the infamous cupidity of its (supposed) author. But with new or recent books out by Mandelson, Alistair Campbell, Cherie Blair and Mel Phillips, however will we find the time to avoid all of them?

Of course, he's found time to return to his earlier attacks on Lauren Booth, Tony B's sister-in-law, whom Jimmy despises for having kept to her own family's socialist and pacifist principles instead of taking up her brother-in-law's Thatcherite warmongering ones. No, she hasn't done anything new, he's just been given more Israeli government video to pad his blog with. The video which "exposes the lies" of Lauren Booth comes from CiFWatch (enough said) and includes the much-derided "Roots Restaurant" footage. Because, y'know, Israeli film of a restaurant they keep specially supplied with groceries for their propaganda films means that having your home and parents burned around you by Israeli bombs is no hardship at all.

There are a few other bits and bobs I'll deal with later, but the greatest excitement in Jimmy's sad life has been the hero's welcome his own hero has received in Kosovo. Well, no shit, Sherlock. Alone among world leaders, Blair threw in his lot with the Kosovo Liberation Army, the bunch of genocidal terrorists who started an armed uprising in Kosovo which Blair then persuaded other countries to get involved in. The KLA were good at ethnic cleansing but not much cop at actual fighting, and if Blair hadn't backed them to the hilt with weapons and troops they would have received from the Serbs (whose troops were of course every bit as vile) what they had formerly been dishing out to them. But there we are: history is written by the winners, and thanks to TB (and eventually Bill Clinton) the KLA terrorists were the winners. Unsurprisingly their successors in power think TB is the bee's knees and presented him with their Golden Medal for Freedom. Unsurprisingly the biggest ego in Europe accepted this travesty, from a country where (with no pressure from the government, of course) no fewer than eight children were named after him. (Whether at birth or specially for the ceremony we shall never know.)

It's funny to think that the KLA had far better-documented links to both Osama bin Laden and the Taliban than Saddam Hussein (who was known for brutally executing any Muslims he considered extremists, which was any who expressed opinions). Yet Blair armed and trained the KLA while deposing and hanging Saddam. But then the KLA's gratitude to TB probably didn't begin with the Genocide Gong for him to hang round his neck. Poor dumb Saddam, unlike the Kosovar drug billionaires, couldn't fathom what might motivate the foreign policy of someone with a network of shell companies and tax-avoidance schemes.

Jimmy comments that on Blair's "return" to Britain (not that the spends much time here these days - too much tax liability) "I expect our streets too will be adorned with his pictures, in thanks and recognition. Yeah, right." Well, Jimmy, I can tell you that my street and many others in Edinburgh are covered in images of the Self-Regarding One, renewed nearly every day. I have to hose it all into the gutter in case someone treads in it.



At 11 July, 2010 10:55, Anonymous Phil said...

the bunch of genocidal terrorists who started the war in the former Yugoslavia

Sorry, Rob, but this is so far off the mark it's not even funny. The war in the former Yugoslavia started a long time back, and it wasn't the Kosovars who started it.

At 13 July, 2010 00:56, Blogger Rob said...

Phil - you're right of course: the Kosovars didn't start the war in FYR, but as far as the fighting in Kosovo itself is concerned it was the KLA who kicked it off, making the transition from political protest to armed insurrection (and taking the opportunity to settle some old ethic scores while they were at it). In fairness, the reason for the insurrection, there as elsewhere in FYR, was that Milosevic had largely closed off political routes to change, and there can be no doubt that the Serb forces were an equally despicable (and initially much better-armed) bunch of thugs. Still, the fact remains that Blair sided with one murderous gang over the others, for no reason I find wholly convincing. (Hell, perhaps they really did buy him off, though I suspect Blair's combination of massive ego and massive gullibility had more to do with it.) And the heirs and successors of the KLA are in no position to offer anyone a Medal for Freedom.

At 13 July, 2010 01:07, Blogger Rob said...

Text of post duly corrected.

Incidentally you may find this link interesting reading.


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