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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jimmy finds a nice Persian rug to chew

Here's a post from my favourite fascist which starts out in London and then becomes another anti-Iranian diatribe.

Where to begin? Well, apart from his having found his video while avidly reading a BNP fansite? Apart from his inability to understand plain English? (GG is clearly telling the EDL that there are 10,000 people in the crowd who will fight to the death to defend themselves).

We then have a digression on Iran, which while utterly irrelevant is very interesting. Jimmy lists various bad things that have happened in Iran:

1) Opposition journalists sentenced to death (Jimmy OTOH only wants opposition journalists locked up forever without trial)

2) Supposed terrorist executed - what, so if Osama bin Laden was captured would Jimmy be campaigning against the death penalty for him? Perhaps he would, but permit me to doubt it.

3) Teenagers hanged for being gay - vile, no doubt about that, but rather hypocritical of homophobe Jimmy to start trying to pass himself off as a champion of gay rights

4) Woman hanged for killing her abusive husband. We havent't hanged women in Britian since the year I was born, though I imagine before that some of the ones we executed were fighting back against abusibve husbands. In the USA I note most such cases are given life sentences. So what's Jimmy's point? That Iran has the death penalty and he's against it? He next cites a woman executed in Iran for a crime she may not have committed/ Well, that is a commonplace situation in the USA, but I don't see Jimmy doing big spiels on the iniquity of America's Death Rows. How strange.

5) Dalara Darabi executed for a crime she may not have committed (the USA's death rows are full of people convicted on flimsy, contradictory or discedited evidence) when she was only 17. Jimmy's rants about Iran's "disgraceful record" of executing juveniles would ring truer if he had ever said a word about America's equally disgraceful one (19 states still do it and there is a long queue of American kids waiting to die).

I'm not in any way condoning any of the Iranian executions Jimmy cites: quite the reverse. But to foam at the mouth about Iran's death penalty while staying mute about America's is simple hypocrisy. Rather like berating Iran for its government's nuclear ambitions while ignoring the hundreds of illegal nukes stockpiled by Israel.

We then have "This, THIS is what Galloway clearly thinks is quite the thing." Which is interesting, because I have never heard of George Galloway supporting the death penalty anywhere. Jimmy on the other hand has just described Iran (in this post) as treating insurrection "as it deserves to be". Which suggests that he is the one who thinks it's "just the thing".

Still, I'm sure Jimmy will furnish us with references to support his accusation against GG that he supports the death penalty in Iran. He'd better. We have laws about that sort of thing.

After that he just degenerates into an incoherent rant about how everyone at the demonstration was a foreign-aligned Islamist fundamentalist, how the NUT is in favour of Sharia law, how George Galloway was calling for the murder of 10,000 of his fellow-countrymen. Simply barking. 'The poster in the background “Celebrate Our Diversity” is a fig-leaf for Islamist fundamentalist separatism. This is NOT celebrating. This is incitement to kill. CLEARLY. There can be no argument.' Certainly no arguing with Jimmy.....

To Jimmy, everyone he dislikes (which is most folk except the EDL and the BNP) is inciting murder. George Monbiot was inciting murder by calling for (explicitly non-violent) direct action against Tony Blair. Roman Polanski and Piers Brosnan were inciting murder by filming The Ghost, in which a fictional ex-PM is murdered. Yet when I took him to task over his own incitement to his readers to go round to the office of a human rights lawyer he described as a traitor and an enemy of the state, he claimed to have forgotten all about it.

At least he only suggests that GG's punishment for warning the EDL thugs to back off should be ten years in prison. Then he provides no less than four links to an online site where readers can report GG to the Metropolitan police (if they can find anything to report him for).

I do feel sorry for Jimmy, who clearly isn't right in the head, but not so sorry that I haven't reported his libellous accusations to George Galloway in case he feels like suing him. So just to channel my inner Jimmy:



At 23 July, 2010 04:04, Blogger faceless said...

I'm a fan of GG, but I thought he bothered the local guys who were against the EDL in this case. The full video shows a much better response to those who spoke with less confrontational words.

This is my site btw:

http://couchtripper.com -

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