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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeff Lindsay, Waterstone's Glasgow, 21 July 2010

Vanessa and I drove through to Glasgow in torrential rain tonight to see Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter books. He read a couple of extracts from his latest book Dexter Is Delicious (the first chapter, and a bit where Dexter and his stepchildren are being followed by someone in a red car). He reads very well indeed, but then he was an actor before he turned to writing. Apparently he kept being asked to write things: a playwright pulled out of a project he was involved in and he was asked to finish the script, the band he was in wanted him to write lyrics, etc etc until eventually he gazed heavenwards and said "I GET IT, OK?" and went full-time as an author. He spoke about how the Miami he grew up in has changed in character from being a sleepy place full of good ol' boys to the den of iniquity it is today, and which Dexter helps to clean up in his, er, special way. (Dexter Morgan is a blood-spatter analyst with the Miami Police whose spare time occupation is serial killer, specialising in murderers and other violent criminals who have escaped justice.) He talked about the TV series ("still my favourite TV show"): although its plot line has now diverged from the books he reckons it's still very much in the spirit of his characters, and he thinks Michael C Hall is great as Dexter. He'd originally dreamed of a film adaptation "with Johnny Depp, of course", but as he said a successful TV series is much better for book sales than a film in the long run. Asked if he'd ever considered doing a book with Dexter outside the USA, he said he'd once jokingly suggested Dexter Down Under when he was in Australia, and the suggestion was met with such rapture that he felt he might actually have to do it. The possibility of Dexter In Dundee was mooted.....

It was all over in an hour, but we both felt it was very worthwhile driving through for. It was Jeff''s first visit to Scotland, and I can only hope the Edinburgh Book Festival gets him back some time, as I think he'd go down especially well with the EBF audience.


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