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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frank and John and Sean and Dweezil

OK, there are a lot of John Lennon fans out there.

OK, they are very protective of their dead idol and of everything connected with him.

I feel the same about Frank Zappa. Or at least I would have said I did. However, it wouldn't occur to me to abuse Dweezil Zappa if he allowed someone else (someone "unworthy") to play one of Frank's guitars - not even the restored one that Jimi Hendrix set light to at the Miami Festival (or more likely the Finsbury Astoria - see here).

So why do moronic Lennon 'fans' get uptight when his son Sean lets Lady Gaga play John's (now Sean's of course) famous white Steinway piano?

Here, BTW, is Frank telling the story of his one collaboration, so to speak, with John and Yoko.


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