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Friday, June 11, 2010

Video fun

Here's the late great Phil Harris doing his classic Woodman Spare That Tree. While I have it on CD now, for many years I owned a 78 just like the one in the video and used to belt it out in Durham for the edification of my fellow-students.

This one I only acquired when I got the CD:

And in a wonderful example of serendipity, I found this next clip in a Youtube sidebar when watching the Phil Harris pieces. As I'm currently reading I Found My Horn, I couldn't resist it:

And then there's this:

My orchestra is doing a concert next year including Henk de Vlieger's The Ring: An Orchestral Adventure. This means our principal horn will have to play all those calls (as well as a LOT of non-solo horn work). It is said that when the great German horn player Gerd Seifert played in the pit for Siegfried, he agreed to take a pay cut of some substantial amount for any note he split in the horn calls. I don't know if he was ever called upon to make good on his promise, but as a way of both psyching himself up and advertising his skill it seems pretty good.

And as for advertising one's skill, here is an extract from a recent BBC documentary about Luciano Pavarotti. We hear him singing Pour Mon Ame from Donizetti's La Fille de Regiment, an aria notorious for containing nine (9) top Cs. And then for extra pleasure we hear and see Juan Diego Flores repeating the feat at Covent Garden forty years later. It doesn't seem that either gentleman would have been out of pocket had he taken on a bet such as Gerd Seifert's.


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