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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Video fun: Solen glimmar

I was listening to the first Sarek album just now while making onion soup. I's planned on listening to Brahms 2 but couldn't get to my classical CDs because my son was practising with his band in the room where they're kept. So Sarek it was.

A few years back I linked to a video of Sarek performing Genom Eld och Vatten in a bid to become Sweden's 2003 Eurovision entry. Sadly that video has been taken down, but I have found it elsewhere:

A song I like even better on the CD is Solen Glimmar:

And I was very interested to discover from browsing around on Youtube that the song was written in 1769. There's more about it in the Youtube comment on this clip, which is of a more traditional interpretation by The Hootenanny Singers. And if that name rings a bell, it's because they were Bjorn Ulvaeus's group pre-Abba. (You will have no trouble spotting young Mr U in the pictures.)

Here are Sarek (now grown to a five-piece with three female vocalists) having another crack at Eurovision selection in 2004 with Älvorna:

There's a karaoke version of that one available on Youtube here if you want a shot.....

And here are perhaps my favourite Scandinavian band (yes, maybe even more than Abba) Nordman having their own shot at Eurovision selection in 2008.

P.S. I thought I was a pretty hardcore Sarek fan for a non-Swedish speaker, but these guys take the biscuit. OK, not very many points for execution, but douze points for having the imagination to dream that if a Swedish group could win Eurovision with a song in English,why not an Irish group with a song in Swedish?