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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Video fun: Noel Coward

Here is Noel Coward performing Nina, probably my favourite of his songs:

And I've only just found this Muppets' cover version of Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Marvellous:


At 22 June, 2010 18:04, Blogger Jessica; said...

Dear Rob,

I wonder if you can help me; I am researching the story of a ship wreck and I noticed you once referred to Stan Hugill in your blog and he was one of the ship wrecked crew along with my great grandfather, Christopher Bedford Steel, when the Garthpool was wrecked in 1929.

I'd love to know what you remember about Stan Hugill; any information would be most appreciated.

You can email me at; (I've spelt out bits to avoid phising scams, etc)

family dot tree dot researcher2010 at googlemail dot com


Bye for now,

Jessica S Fox

At 27 June, 2010 06:12, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I love Noel's singing Mad Dogs, didn't know the Muppets did it too.


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