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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Un-American Activities

And this story is very interesting. Imagine you're an American Jew who has joined the IDF and sworn allegiance to the State of Israel. Imagine now that a UN task force including US soldiers is sent to maintain order in Jerusalem during peace negotiations. (Or - a man can dream - to remove the Israeli government which has hundreds of undeclared nuclear weapons and a history of invading its neighbours that Saddam could only dream of.) What will these folks do if there is unpleasantness between the UN and the IDF? Shoot their American compatriots?

I think it is an eloquent demonstration of the power of Mearsheimer and Walt's "Israel Lobby" that these fools are not being treated in the same way as those (few) American Muslims who go to Pakistan to train to fight and kill American troops. They are traitors, pure and simple, pledging allegiance to a foreign power and taking up arms for it. At the very least they should be stripped of their US citizenship: if they want to fight for Israel let them become Israelis then there will be no problem. For every one of these jerks there are a thousand patriotic Muslims back in the USA who actually care about their country. For their sake, america, dump the pretend Americans who care more about Israel than about the country they profess to belong to.

I sincerely hope that if any British Jews were foolish enough to follow the Americans' example they would be deported. (Ideally after trial and lengthy imprisonment for treason.)

And just to be quite clear, I would take the same view of British citizens who joined the armed forces of Iran, Cuba, France, the USA, Angola, Australia or Zimbabwe. Traitors one and all.


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