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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

They Con The World

When Uncle Jimmy posted this piece of bad taste recently I felt it was best ignored, though my first thought was "How like an American to post a parody of a song hardly anyone on Britain would know". (Turns out it briefly hit number one back in 1985, but was very much seen as the USA's answer to Band Aid. A quick straw poll among British friends of suitable ages found nobody who remembered it now.)

Anyway, now I know why he posted it: it was because the Israeli Government told him to. And now that they've apologised and say that sending out the clip was a mistake, will he take it down? Or apologise? Look lively, Jimmy, your masters are calling!

Mind you, he still maintains that the famous fake "Go back to Auschwitz" video clip is genuine even though the Israeli government has admitted faking it. If he isn't careful, the Israeli government will stop sending him his blog posts and he'll have to go back to writing them himself. (With a crayon held in his foot......)

It seems ironically appropriate that the post where he links to the Flotilla Choir clip is headed up "In case it hasn’t dawned on you yet we have been lied to by our media".