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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Terrorism, real and imagined. And why I'm starting to warm to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

ITUC international survey shows 101 people murdered in 2009 for belonging to a trade union. Now that's a real terrorist threat.

Here's a good New Statesman article from last year about the invisibility to the mainstream media in Britain of terrorism by far-right racists: the ones who actually have bombs, and really threaten to behead Muslims, as against the "Muslim terrorists" whose terrorism is generally imaginary.

And you don't want to rely too much on Wikipedia but this page is interesting, if only for dealing with stupid Yanks who think terrorism began in September 2001.

Here is an article on the 29 British citizens and residents kidnapped by the USA and tortured. And all the others.

And a sideline opens up here:

Did you know that the only evidence produced against Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the "9/11 mastermind" comes from confessions forced from him under torture (he was waterboarded over 180 times and his children were tortured to get him to sign statements)? See above, and here, here, here, here and especially here.

We haven't heard nearly as much about this as the Americans (in Britain we all moved on from 9/11 on about 9/18) but after reading all those articles, and this one I'm beginning to hope that KSM walks away from that court a free man.


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