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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The other R Saunders

This has been a good week (and a bit) for my son Ruairidh.

A week ago I attended the prize-giving ceremony for Stevenson College to see him receive the Easton Forbes Watt Composition Prize for his piece The Fireworks (of which more anon).

That same evening I saw him on stage as the Usher in Gilbert & Sullivan's Trial By Jury, along with fellow Stevenson College students and under the baton of my wife Hilary. The performance I saw was the second night, and Sophie Brett was outstanding as Angelina (with Bruce Whitehead excellent as the Judge too).

Then last night was the Stevenson College end of term concert, which featured Ruairish in the Wind Ensemble (playing the 4th horn part of the Mozart K361 Serenade on a saxophone), in the Saxophone Quintet (playing 2nd alto in Summertime), in the choir (singing Burns songs), in the jazz band (on drums) and finally drumming in his own prize-winning composition The Fireworks. This was a piece of "orchestral rock" (think Tubular Bells, sort of) and this was its first public performance. The most frequently heard comment was that it would make fantastic ad music: I confidently expect to hear it behind some future Scottish Tourist Board ad. I hadn't heard it before, and while full of enthusiasm for my son I hadn't necessarily expected that his piece would be that good. While it's not a work of towering genius, The Fireworks works really well. Sometimes it sounds more like Steve Reich than Mike Oldfield, which is funny as I'm fairly certain my son has never heard any Reich. Someone described it as "advertising music", and it's certainly easy to imagine it playing behind a Scoittish Tourist Board ad. Watch this space.......

Anyway, a good week for my son.


At 19 June, 2010 02:05, Blogger Chip Michael said...

I'd love to hear a recording if an mp3 could be made available.

Well done, Ruairidh!

At 20 June, 2010 21:28, Blogger Rob said...

I believe several tracks of a studio recording are now laid down. When I get a copy I'll email it to you.


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