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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mr John, your name is a household word round these parts

It will be interesting to see whether musical instruments (and indeed newspapers, pens and writing paper) will be allowed into Gaza after Netanyahu's much-publicised (especially by Tony Blair who wants to take the credit) relaxation of import restrictions. After all, the "move" to a list of prohibited items ignores the fact that there was such a list (albeit unpublished) in place already, and it evidently included musical instruments.

When Elton John performed in Tel Aviv last week (some folk will do anything for money) he pontificated about how music spread peace and brought people together. Maybe if he complained less about the other performers who "cherry-pick their consciences" and a little more about how Israel is suppressing music in Gaza we might conclude that he has a conscience to be cherry-picked or not. Still, he was happy to play Sun City in South Africa during the apartheid era, and (for a million dollars or so) performed for Rush Limbaugh's wedding recently. If one of the world's most famous gay men is happy to play for an outspoken homophobe why would we be surpised at his hypocrisy over the benefits of music?

Personally I lost patience with him when he ruined his greatest song Candle In The Wind, deleting poor old Marilyn Monroe (goodbye Norma Jean indeed) and turning it into a Dianafest to ingratiate himself with the government and make a few more million quid. Can you imagine Mozart deciding to rework The Magic Flute to replace Sarastro by Emperor Joseph II? Even though Mozart was much more in need of money than our Reg, I think it highly unlikely (and not only - in case you were going to mention it - because he died soon after he wrote it).


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