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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lauren Booth - another target for Uncle Jimmy's hatred

Here's Uncle Jimmy waxing lyrical about his idol's more popular sister-in-law.

(BTW, why are so many of Jimmy's hatefests directed at women? Lauren Booth, Helen Thomas, Diane Abbott, Clare Short, any Muslim who wears a veil, Shami Chakrabarti, Margaret Hodge, Sharon Stone, Jacqui Smith.....) I suppose they've all stepped outwith their allotted sphere of Kinder, Kuche und Kirche.

Anyway: first of all his revealing IMHO, MS BOOTH NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Because the last thing we need in Uncle Jimmy's ideal Britain is to be able to speak freely without fear. Fear is what drives Islamophobes like Jimmy: they need us all terrified of the wicked Moooslims so they can offer their snake oil "solutions" to the "problem". That most of us have no problem with Islam and find their solutions utterly irrelevant really annoys them. Good.

And in response to Lauren Booth's comments about the IDF's targeting of civilians, he says

Unlike murdering fundamentalist Islamists, who murder in EVERY country in the world

I await his statistics for Iceland and Burkina Faso with great interest. And I must have missed the ones in Malta, the Vatican, Cuba, Colombia, Botswana, Venezuela, Peru....... Well, he did put EVERY in CAPITALS so naturally I thought it must mean something. Oh, right.

He ends up "Why are these Stop The War types so violent, with their imbecilic ranting and blatant lies? I call it incitement to violence."

Why are these Muslim-hating types so violent, with their imbecilic ranting and blatant lies? I call it Keep Tony Blair For PM


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