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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Inspired by Muhammad

This campaign is long overdue.

Meanwhile, American Christians show those pesky Muslims all about women's rights.

While a few hundred Islamophobes crawled out from under their rocks at the weekend to wave idiotic placards in New York.

No, actually Jesus was a holy prophet to Mohammed, as he is to Muslims today. I am aware that it's supposedly anti-semitic to mention this, but in fact Jesus was nailed to a piece of wood by Roman polytheists, loudly cheered on by Jews. This guy needs to read his Bible.

Protestant churches in NYC : thousands
Synagogues in NYC: thousands
Protestant churches, synagogues, mosques etc in the Vatican CIty: 0

Start with the Vatican!

It's no more stupid a comparison.

The fools even set on a couple of Christians who were part of their protest because they looked Arab. Racist, much?

And for all those other racists who imagine that all modern terrorism is Islamic, it's interesting that from 1980 to 2005 there were more religiously-inspired terrorist attacks on US soil committed by Jewish fundamentalists than by Muslim ones. From 9/11 to the end of 2009 not a single civilian was killed in an act of Islamic terror in the USA. Not one.

Meanwhile, in Europe where we're supposedly all soft on terrorism because we don't all buy into the fiction of creeping Jihad, the situation is even worse (for those trying to sell the "War" on "Terror"): only 0.4% of terrorism is Islamic. This of course will come as no surprise to those of us who trust the evidence of our eys, ears and memories and can recall that there was plenty of terrosism from Basque separatists, the IRA, the Baader-Meinhof group, the Animal Liberation Front and plenty of others long before 11 September 2001 when the USA suddenly realised what the rest of the world had been suffering for decades.


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