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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I sentence you to have £200k of law-abiding citizens money spent on you.

Here is The Sun on the case of a child molestor who quite rightly got sent down for five and a half years. Or then again, "will cost taxpayers more than £200,000".

Jeez. When al-Megrahi was released, did the Sun cheer at all the taxpayers' money we were saving by sending him to Libya? Were they campaigning for Myra Hindley to be set free so as to save us all the cost of her accommodation at Holloway? (Oooh, ooh, I know that one!)

I'm certainly not condoning sexual abuse, whether of adults or children. But I would be interested to know what the abuse consisted of (not rape or he would have been charged with it) and why the judge thought he wouldn't pose a threat to the public. He may have been wrong, and certainly Judge Hall has form when it comes to minimising the seriousness of sexual assaults. But on this occasion he gave what for him would seem to be a fairly stiff sentence, so he seems to have separately considered the offence committed and the likelihood of re-offending (as he is supposed to do).

None of this will interest the folk at the Sun, of course, whose connection with news and facts is so loose that they describe Bob Spink as a UKIP MP. Now I knew UKIP didn't win any seats at the recent election, and had no MPs before that, so that seemed odd. However, not only has Spink never been a UKIP MP, he was never even a member of UKIP.

But then it is the Sun we're talking out there....


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