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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

He may not have sought asylum but it found him....

Any shred of coherence Uncle Jimmy ever had has completely deserted the poor lad. Not only does he turn up here, signing his comments as "Uncle Jimmy's Nephew", but he goes and posts this, of such magnificent meaninglessness that while clearly it is composed of English words one could plough through the thing for hours without finding a single notion of any relevance to anything in the real world.

Poor Jimmy. Presumably the dual realisations that his beloved Israel has committed a crime it can neither deny nor spin its way out of, and that it may therefore (just possibly) be forced to begin to comply with international law by the rest of a world whose patience with its lawlessness has finally run out, have sent him round the bend. I imagine him like Inspector Dreyfus at the end of Return Of The Pink Panther, scrawling KILL MUSLIMS with his toes on the wall of his padded cell. (And probably having shot off his own nose as well.)


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