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Thursday, June 10, 2010

From the land where street protestors are shot dead and where opposition politicians fear for their lives.

In the renowned Middle Eastern "democracy" that is Israel, we have death threats being made against opposition members of parliament by a member of the ruling party, with no protest from the party leaders.

Remember this is a government which not only shoots its own peaceful political protestors dead, it sends death squads into other countries so these are scarcely empty threats.

More here. Oh, and there's a Facebook group (which has now been taken down) dedicated to making death threats against Haneen Zoabi. Sweet.

Isn't it strange that Uncle Jimmy, who comes down so heavily on entirely imaginary "death threats" or "incitements to kill" against Tony Blair, has nothing to say on this? Fictional threats against a sacked politico, unelected and unaccountable, are worth pages of his bile. Genuine death threats against an elected opposition politician? Well, if they had occurred in Iran you can be sure he would have had something to say about them, but in Israel? Catch UJ saying anything he hasn't been sent by the Israeli government? Not likely.

Here's a good article on how Israel has treated political dissenters over the years.


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