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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday morning's "Ridicule The Racist" slot

There have been some extraordinarily unpleasant posts on Uncle Jimmy's blog lately: he really should find himself some better writers.

This one ends up with a long list of links to pieces of anti-Muslim hysteria and hate, including one article which tells us that the Gazans don't need an aid convoy because generous Israel allowed in 637 truckloads of aid last week. Unfortunately the weekly requirement to keep the people of Gaza fed is 2,400 truckloads.

Before that Jimmy posts a little list of his own (his own! Ha!) of questions Muslims should be asking themselves. I hope you're feeling strong:

- Which religion suicide-bombs innocents weekly, even daily? (Oh yes. OURS.)

- When was the last time Israel ‘massacred’ innocents? (Apart from the alleged murder of our brother, the innocent Hamas operative.)

- What do we really care about Human Rights, when Allah knows what is right? (Or does he?)

- Why do we need democracy? Look what it has done to the west. (How do I get asylum?)

- When are we going to get a grip on our wayward “religion”? (Allah knows!)

Now this is funny in a sick way. A few months back Jimmy got very cross with me when I accused him of hating Muslims, and said he was only against Muslim extremism. Well, "Which religion (sic) suicide-bombs innocents weekly?" sounds an awful lot like accusing all Muslims of being suicide bombers, does it not? (And WE ALL KNOW, do we not, that no terrorists are fundamentalist Christians or Jews? Well, except these ones, obviously.) The answer to the second question, of course, would be Operation Cast Lead, last year, which fits anyone's definition of a massacre of innocents. Oh, wait, no, silly me, every inhabitant of Gaza is a "Hamas operative", whatever that might be, so no innocent civilians there.

Still, you have to admire Jimmy's efficiency: while accusing all Muslims of being suicide bombers he still manages to slip in the accusation that they're queuing up to get asylum in the UK (Swamped! by hordes! of immigrants!) Of course one can't be too careful about hate-filled extremists lying their way through immigration to get asylum so they can squeeze money out of gullible western democracies and use it to spread their poisonous attacks on our values and freedoms. It does happen.

Earlier in the same post, this little piece of racist dogshit moans that the Turkish PM described the murder of the flotilla passengers (mostly Muslims) as a massacre, when WE ALL KNOW that a real massacre involves English people being gunned down in Whitehaven. Not the same thing at all.

In fairness, he also draws attention to a story otherwise rather overshadowed last week, of 98 Ahmadis murdered in Pakistan. Of course, this too is a real massacre because the ones doing the killing were Muslims (sorry, MUSLIMS!), not Jews. But if you thought that this story would lead Jimmy on to sympathise with the plight of a persecuted Muslim sect, think again. he quotes an article about Mirza Masroor Ahmad, leader of the Ahmadis, and asks

"Mirza Masroor Ahmad lives in London, the capital of MY country! WHY?"

His answer is that "such as Mirza Masroor Ahmad needs somewhere calm and reasonably civilised to prepare for the Kaliphate. In Britain we’re happy to help him along that path."

Ah, of course, the Kaliphate. Muslim rule of the entire world, the goal of all Muslims (and if they say otherwise, that's because they're instructed to lie to infidels). Just imagine how the leader of a sect considered by both Sunnis and Shias as non-Muslims - and subjected by them to deadly attacks such as the one Jimmy reports - imagine how he must be looking forward to that. And while "prepare for" in Jimmy's first sentence might have meant "barricade myself away from", the second sentence rather spoils that interpretation.

Funny: Jimmy quotes an Ahmadi spokesman as saying "Its followers believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who lived between 1835 and 1908, was sent by God as a prophet “to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace”. You'd think if it was only violent Muslim extremists Jimmy hated, he'd be all in favour of having these folk in London. Ha! Pakistanis? Not in the capital of HIS country.

Maybe Jimmy should stick with the posts he gets from the Israeli government: the ones from the BNP aren't nearly as good.


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